Walking the Cracow streets, which are magic, we found a lot of venues, loved by game players!

There we stopped by for a moment, we played our favorite board games, we met the exceptional people who managed these venues, and then we marked them in our board2gether application!


AFK is the only place on the Cracow map, which combines the world of esport and board games. Cozy atmosphere, delicious Czech draft beer and large selection of board games- now you know you cannot miss this place!
Airy Fairy is located in the heart of Cracow, near Planty and Cracow Gallery and is the first place to express imaginative worlds of Si-Fi, fantasy, manga, comic book, movies and literature. You can read, have a drink, eat, play and share passion for imaginative cultures.
Pub with video and board games. You can play a.o. in Fifa, Mortal Kombat, Carcassonne or Catan. We are open till the last client.
Caffe with board games in the Cracow city center. We love great coffee, delicious snacks and of course board games. It is venue which connects all these passions in one place.
Pub different than others! Delicious beer, fantasy alcohol cocktails, snacks, consoles, board games, comic books. From Players to Players!
Domówka Cafe
Private Home party (pl. Domówka) is a party organized by all of us at least once. When our parents were absent, on limited space we could have buffet, dance floor and board games. Discussions and sharing ideas were all over the place: on the floor, on the windowsill, next to the bathroom doors or in the corridor. We are transferring you again to these moments and promise, that the best party will take place not only in the kitchen. Come and feel this atmosphere!
Venue for the Players, created by the Players- café, - board game rental, - board game venue, birthday parties organization, - board game shop.
Caffe with board games. Created with love to board games. Many games, good food, unique atmosphere and outstanding people.
Caffe for card and board Players.
Runa is a pub with a large selection of beer, snacks, coffee and tea! It is also a place where you can use a huge library of board games. Play rpg games, have a good time.
Pub not only for the Players! The list of the board games contains 150 titles!
R’lyeh is ideal for Lovecraft’s fans. You can find here board games, cozy room for RPG and additionally coffee (Speciality Coffee), tea or beer.
‘Shop Gracz’ shop has been created by Players for the Players. In our offer you will find hundreds of new or used for variety of consoles, consoles and accessories for them. Shop has many tables for the games.
The biggest venue of Virtual Reality in Cracow. Put your googles on and play with your friends in VR! We have 300sq of space including café, where you can sit down and relax, play in the board games and 8bit games.
Venue with VR Power! We ensure you will have unique adventures in the other dimension!
Cracow center for Battle Games. Vanaheim is the meeting point for Players. It is a place, where you can come and learn how to paint the battle figures and play in the popular battle games. We organize also tournaments and parties! In our estore and on site store you will find the newest items from Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Wyrd, Warlord and other producers.
This venue offers board game play space and rental.
Dragonus - board games, shop and rental. We offer you 3000 products to buy and 400 board games to rent.
If you are the fan of the battle, card or board games, you need to visit us. Come to play, take part in the tournaments, contest and workshops.
Blog encouraging to play board games, written by board game fan. He is the master in his tavern he is the innkeeper!
Caffeclub with board games and not only. You can bring your own game or choose from the variety of available in the club.
Our partner operates in UK and ensure polish board players were not bored. It supports and organizes polish board games events in UK. It is also developing YouTube channel, on which you can find games tests and videos about games prototypes. You can find there unboxing and video instructions. We recommend it to all of you, especially our mates in UK. Do not hesitate and subscribe their channel.
It is a club for fans of all types of games: borad, card and others… It organizes meetings and board games events in London and other cities.
Shop with board games. We offer competitive prices, promos and professional service. Enter the game with us!
Unique place in Wrzeszcz, Gdańsk, which enables you to come into the world full of magic, zombies, space battles, trains… It will be our pleasure to explain you all rules of the games and we will feed and give you a drink!
Paradox Café is a venue for fantasy fans! Cafeclub and shop attracts Warsaw fantasy fans, always interested, multiskilled and young at heart!
Caffe with board games. Created with love for board games. Many games, good food, unique atmosphere and outstanding people
Biblioteka Kraków
Cracow Library offers renting board games free of charge. There are almost 600 games on this list of 7 venues, which addresses can be found in Board2gether application.
Pub located in Rzeszów, Poland, for board, card and RPG players.
Padbar Lublin is a bar with console and board games! Let yourself be carried away by nice atmosphere, outstanding people, great variety of games and drinks!
Located in Szczecin, Poland, pub with board games, where you can get points for entering higher levels.
Located near to Central Square in Nowa Huta, Cracow, Poland. Club activates and integrates inhabitants of all ages. It organizes tournaments, which are regular meetings for board players.
‘Players Cave’ is not only a shop with board games, but also a place, where you can check info on new games and check tutorials.
Lubiteka in Lubliniec, Poland, offers regular meetings to play board games with your friends. You can choose from variety of board games available on the spot.
Gralicja event gathers board games fans of all ages. The main purpose is to show how interesting and various can board games be and how they can bring fun for friends and family.