On Table is a channel focused on the games with videos on board, card and battle games. Channel presents also info from the board games’ world: Board News.

Game Troll TV is the most popular internet portal on board, card and battle games in Poland, run by four freaks- Carlos, Daniel, Mark and Peter. It is only about unplugged games. All fans of board, card and battle games can find something for themselves.

Their activity can be also noticed in TV, where they have own program “Rzuć Kostką” (Throw a Dice). It is published each Friday at 5 p.m. on E-Sport channel since September 2017.

Couple of times per year, they meet on the fans gathering called “Rzuć Kostką” (Throw a Dice), which became the biggest event for board games after 2 years.

Radio Planszówki - unique media for board games, created and presented by two friends, who grew up in 80’s and 90’s. Do you remember white-black TV sets, ZX Spectrum computers, Atari or Commodore 64? They know each other since childhood and have been playing board and PRG games for many years.

They love to talk about board games and all items related to them.

You need to listen their conversations.

Visit their fanpage!