Application created by Players for the Players

Board Player! Are you looking for a Partner or Venue to Play?
Our application is just for You!

Now easily you can find a venue with your favorite games, and people with the same interests, with whom you can appoint for games all around the world..


Board2gether. Gather your team for a game!

Possibilities of Board2gether application

All you need to have fun with game. At your hand.


It is possible, that through our application you will meet new people and you start new friendship.
Our passion is game, which is common interest to all of us.
board2gether enables formulating teams- we know how difficult is to find the companions for a game.


Are you at the beginning with your adventure with games?
And maybe you bought great, but a little complicated game?
Do not worry - in board2gether we will create tab with tutorials, in which we will explain how to play,
step by step.


Specially for you we checked the most interested places for Players from Cracow. Our mission did not end with Cracow only. We are receiving information about the best player friendly venues from the whole Poland. In b board2gether there are TOP venues waiting for you!

Check out what we have prepared for you!

Watch our advertisement and play with us :)